"Fight" is a card game with elements of strategy.
The game's climate is that of blocks of flats, hooligans and sneering reality all around us.

Fight is a truly free-to-play game that offers the player something a little different from the usual CCG model.

(rating: 7.3/10) ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

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(rating: 4/5)

Choose your characters, give them weapons and stimulants, so that they become your team's pillars during the fight!
You can choose from different characters such as: Assassin, Rock, Dealer, Wacko, Bad Cop, Hussy, Babe, Bodyguard and much more...
In addition, there are weapons like: Baseball Bar, Ax, Machete, Balisong, Knife and other.
Unlike other card games, the field of battle and the location of every character on it is of great importance in our game. Selecting your crew (deck), you can create a unique scarf pattern identifying your gang. By winning consecutive melees you level up, which unlocks even stronger cards.
The match-making system selects a player with a similar level of experience, so that the sides of the fight are always balanced.

Additionally, in "Fight":

✔ Introduction/tutorial explaining the rules,
✔ 5 character levels,
✔ Extra accessories strengthening your characters or weakening the opponent,
✔ Weapons that, in the hands of the right people, can be the key to victory,
✔ In-game mini chat allowing for exchanging your views on the fight with your opponent,
✔ Ability to play with a friend in private mode,
✔ Online game with random opponent,
✔ Funny lines of the narrator and fight participants.

The game requires Internet connection.
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/ustawka.gra